The Union Dress

I’m trying to become more of a dress person.  But after wearing jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies my whole life, it is not as easy of a wardrobe transition as I thought it would be. We oftentimes associate dresses with “getting dressed up,” and assume that putting them on requires more effort, when really dresses simplify the everyday ritual of putting on clothes. They are a whole outfit in themselves. And as many of you have probably gathered from those who have made a dress from Merchant and Mills, the pattern company makes the art of dressmaking and putting on a dress even simpler and more effortless. Their Union Dress is no exception. 

This dress can really be whatever you want it to be. Because the shape is so classic, basic, and clean, all you need to do is pick a fabric that suits your needs and your personality. The fabric I chose is no longer available at the store, but I think anything from a light cotton double gauze to a basic linen would do the design justice. From there, the pattern’s excellent diagrams and instructions will carry you through a button placket, a Henley collar (I still struggle with lining up my collars, so my Henley turned out to be more of a mandarin collar), inserting sleeves into armholes, and four hidden slip pockets: two in the front and two on the sides. This all leads to a resourceful dress that depending on your fabric choice will suit you at home, at work, in the city, or for an evening out. No matter its use, it begs you to make good memories while wearing it.