Felt to Brighten Your Holidays and All Your Days

by Cameron

Our wool/rayon felt sheets

Our wool/rayon felt sheets

Every year at about this time I start to go a little felt crazy. It's colorful, it's cozy, and it's flying off the shelves to be turned into decorations.  Usually, I start to pick out some colors, but I get overwhelmed by all of the options and I walk away in defeat, but this year, I just went for it.

I sure am glad that I did! There are now little felt flags hanging all around my sewing room and living room, and more waiting to be sewn up. As you can see, I didn't go with a particularly seasonal palette - I wanted some color and fun that I could keep up for as long as I need it.

I used Melissa's blog post as a starting point. I cut triangles that are 6" long from the tip to the base, and picked out 10 different colors. That leaves me with enough felt to hang bunting in every corner of my house and to give some as Christmas gifts.

Hannah made a beautiful window display using our wool/rayon felt on the bolt. If you'd like to try this instead of/in addition to bunting, just cut small squares ranging in size from 1-4", stack, and thread onto some strong thread. With a little loop at the top, these felt stacks would be great ornaments!

Come in and treat yourself to a little color and fun!