Local Favorites: Random Order Pie Bar

By Sarah

I had been craving a slice of hot, fruity goodness for weeks if not months! Usually when I have a hankering for a certain food I act fast and was surprised I let this one linger for so long.  After work one Sunday a coworker and I decided to head on down (just three short blocks away) and indulge ourselves in pie and cocktails, yes, they have fancy drinks too! 

Now, my mom is an expert when it comes to making pies and they always taste just as good as they look. It doesn't get any better than that, right?! Well, I wondered if Random Order's pies would live up to my high pie standards.  

*This cherry pie slice picture (sans ice cream) is one I took when I went back a second time about a week later. I'm hooked!

Walking into the shop, the first thing I noticed was this wall covered in framed magazine articles raving about the place. I'll be honest, I wasn't impressed, yet, I still had to have a taste. There were plenty of interesting pies to choose from such as brandied peach and blackberry apple but I couldn't resist an old humble favorite, cherry pie. I also couldn't resist ordering it a la mode. (All of their baked pies are served with whipped cream, ice cream is an extra charge) It was a splurge ok! But you've got to understand I was craving pie for way too long! I asked to have it warmed up and they put it in the oven for a few minutes and then plopped some ice cream on the side. My mouth started to water. 

Umm, I hate to say it ma, but I think this was the best pie I have ever had. Ok, it WAS the best pie I have ever had! For one, the cherries were super delicious, both sweet and tart and the crust was tasty as all get out and had that perfect crunchy/chewy balance. Does all that make sense? 

I urge all Bolt shoppers to give Random Order Pie Bar a shot and if you aren't in the mood for sweets they make savory pies too AND offer coffee drinks. You can't go wrong! Yummy in my tummy! And soon, yummy in your tummy!