Pattern review Linden

When I'm choosing a new sewing project I always stay away from knits because they always seem unpredictable to me. At some point in my sewing career I deemed them finicky, even though I tell myself they're forgiving. 

When we had to choose our samples for the Bolt coast retreat this year I had a number of patterns selected, one of them used a woven and knit together. When I stepped back and realized that I wasn't just preferring wovens over knits but was avoiding them, I chose to sew up the Grainline Linden so to get over this little hump. 

I chose this incredible plum mohair paired with lovely organic cotton ribbing. It came together in about 30 minutes and I shortened the sleeves 2". I'm a fan, not only of Grainline but of knits too.  

Hannah VanLom