Product Spotlight: Blockwallah Handcarved Block Printing Stamps

by Cameron

If you haven't already seen these beauties in person or on instagram, I'm very pleased to introduce one of our newest products - Blockwallah block printing stamps! These high quality, handcarved wood stamps can be used to jazz up garments, napkins, pillowcases, lampshades - all sorts of textiles - but they are also beautiful objects and testaments to generations of skill and artistry.

Blockwallah's stamps and mission are inspiring. They focus on hiring women in need of work and pay fair wages to all of their employees. Many block designs come from the long tradition of Indian block printing to honor the artisans and their heritage, but there are also some more modern designs available, which makes for a huge catalog of blocks for you to choose from.

We've already been so inspired by the Blockwallah goods. We keep dreaming up new projects like hand stamped onesies or bibs, tea towels, tote bags, or even going all out on some linen yardage to create our own one-of-a-kind fabric. We hope they'll be just as inspiring for you and maybe help to break up those long summer days when paint dries quickly and you have lots of bored kids looking for something fun to do. We can't wait to see what you do!