A Sale Announcement and A Project Idea

by Cameron

We've started stocking fabric paint once again, and I couldn't be more excited. The possibilities are endless! Create a custom print, personalize a tote bag, cover up a stain - the world is your flour sack tea towel just waiting to be transformed.

I wanted to do some experimenting and I ended up making perhaps the least experimental kitchen towel - stripes in primary colors. I know what like.

If you'd like to do something similar, all you need is

  • flour sack tea towels
  • Jacquard fabric paint
  • a paint brush
  • newspaper or drop cloth on which to work
  • iron

I eyeballed my stripes and I like the uneven texture and slightly wonky look of these, but if you want crisper stripes you could use masking tape to lay down as a guide. My stripes are roughly 1.5" apart.

When you're done, let your product cure for at least 30 minutes, but longer is better. I let this batch hang out for a few days before I started ironing them. When you're ready, iron them thoroughly to allow the paint to set.

To celebrate summer, we're having a sale - 20% off of all fabric paints, Blockwallah stamps, iDye, flour sack towels, prepared for dying yardage, and our new indigo and sashiko kits! Sale starts Friday, July 22 and runs through Thursday, August 4.