For The Love of Double Gauze - Swaddle Blankets

by Cameron

We have such a beautiful collection of double gauze right now. Sevenberry prints, dreamy solids, and bushels of gorgeous Nani Iro. Do you know what I really want to do with all this beauty? I want to wallpaper my house in it! But that's not practical, so I've started doing the next best thing. Making dead simple blankets.

You start with a big square of double gauze and then you hem it. Done. If you have a serger, this is easier than pie. I used wooly nylon thread and a narrow three thread stitch with a very short stitch length. I originally tried using a rolled hem, but the gauze is too delicate and the hem kept pulling away from the fabric - not exactly what you want.... If you don't have a serger, just make a narrow 1/4" or 1/2" hem on your sewing machine.

In a cute print this is a swaddling blanket. In a Nani Iro double gauze, you've got a swaddling blanket and a beautiful scarf/breastfeeding cover up for the new mom in your life. But why does this have to have anything to do with a new baby? It could be a beautiful scarf for you or piece of art you hang up on the wall.

You could fairly accuse me of not pushing any sewing boundaries with my blanket/scarf/wall art, but I don't care because I'm swaddled in some of the most beautiful fabrics I've ever seen.

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