Geat Ready for Wool Coat Season

By Sarah

We have set a record for highest volume of wool coating in the shop, for sure. And if this winter is anything like the previous one, we all may benefit tremendously from a coat made of wool. Melton wool, with its strong and structured demeanor, would be the perfect option, in my opinion, for The Strand coat by Merchant & Mills. It is an unlined coat and so a stiffer wool should, in effect, keep the front of the coat from riding up.

Wool is actually a great outerwear option for Pacific North-westerners because it can absorb around 20% of its weight in water before it starts to leak through. Wool and its water resistant abilities make it the perfect candidate for a damp winter.    

Our more flexible wool fabric would be perfect in the Popover Poncho, and oh yes, the lovely Sapporo Coat by Papercut Patterns. We have a nice and hairy black wool (not pictured) that would be so beautiful made into the chic Sapporo. 

This brown tweedy wool is an idea for the Ellsworth by Christine Haynes or the Clair Coat by Closet Case (not pictured). And this really cool striped wool from Japan would be amazing in any coat pattern. Come get your wool on, if that's your thing and let us celebrate the changing of the seasons together.    *And a reminder for all those able and willing, our quilting cotton fabric drive for Crafting The Resistance is still happening and we will be accepting donations through the end of September.  Click here for more details.