Lullaby Layette Jacket

by Cameron

I had never sewn with the Oliver + S patterns before, but I knew they were a longstanding favorite for many of our customers. The Lullaby Layette jacket did not disappoint! From the drafting to the instructions, everything is impeccably done to make for a really fun sewing experience.

Lullaby Layette Jacket with Wiksten Harem Pants

Lullaby Layette Jacket with Wiksten Harem Pants

I made this jacket up in a colorful Pocho Dot from Nani Iro with mid-weight linen as lining and bias tape made from the excellent hemp/cotton ticking we can barely keep in stock. Double gauze is the perfect fabric for babies - it's soft and breathable and comes in beautiful prints.

I love, love, love snaps! You get to use a hammer and you don't have to fuss with buttonholes. Once you get the hang of them, they're easier and quicker than buttons and they make for simple dressing for mom and dad.

I have not branched out into the other options included in the Layette set - the loose top, woven onsie, or pants. I'm too deeply committed to the Wiksten Harem Pants to try out another pant pattern right now, but I have no doubt these are excellent. I'm looking forward to someday completing the whole set - although at the speed I'm sewing, each piece will probably be for a different baby.