Mix and match

by Sarah

It has become a staple of the pattern stash of many sewists. A great basic top with variations in both sleeve length and ribbing placement makes the Linden a go-to classic. The fit is loose but not too loose and the possible fabric options are plenty. 

Knit fabric is what the pattern recommends. If you’ve been fabric shopping recently you are aware of what lovely knits have become available. Well, if you didn’t know, we get a ton of fabulous knits in at the shop so, we’ve got ya covered.  From yarn dyed french terry to organic cotton sweatshirt fleece to wool double knits, we’ve got em all, y’all.  

I like the idea of mixing substrates. I think it makes a piece more intriguing and definitely more personalized, which is always a good thing. For this sample, I chose a knit for the sleeves and a double gauze for the front and back pieces. I also left off the waist ribbing. Introducing the woven fabric into the Linden makes it chic, I think. Another idea is to make a knit version with chiffon sleeves, ooh!  

Because there are no darts in the Linden, you may want to cut a size or two larger, depending on one's bust measurement, so there will be more ease. To accommodate a large bust, think about adding darts. Have fun, sewing ninjas!