Mood put out a book!

by Sarah

The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion has been out since 2015. I had no idea such book existed until several copies just appeared one day at the shop. What is this fine book here before me? It is a book by Mood, that enormous fabric store I once visited in NYC and which is the 'one and only' fabric destination for contestants on the hit tv show, Project Runway. I am a fan of the show, yes. 

Can you imagine my excitement? Here is a book, beautiful cover to cover, well organized, all about fabric, designing, and full of great tidbits, it literally made my day. I feel like us new age sewing people have been craving a modern fabric resource like this for years, if not decades. 

It features a timeline of fabric history. Did you know that roller printing came about in the year 1785 and that this method of printing fabric is the one most commonly used today? There is also a cool map showing where certain fabric types are commonly produced. 

Each substrate has a dedicated section which explores types within that category along with great tips on working with that fabric type.  

Inspiring quotes by big named designer's and past Project Runway contestants are sprinkled throughout and the photos presented, are colorful and detailed eye candy, for all us drooling fabric lovers.

Mood's shop dog, Swatch, is featured in the book too! I love Swatch, he was very kind in helping me locate the knits when I visited Mood. 

This book is so elegantly done and I urge anyone who sews, newbies and skilled alike, to pick one up as a great resource to have on hand and as a treasure to keep forever and ever.   

I hope you enjoy this beautiful book as much as I do and hope to see you soon.