Napkins Galore

By Sarah

Cloth napkins are the way to go. Not only do they cut down on waste, they allow for the addition of fun prints into your life which for me is nice because I rarely wear or work with prints. I decided it was time for some more cloth napkins in my house since my sweetie and I use them so much. This was my first time trimming napkins using wooly nylon so, I checked out Cameron's post from last year to get some advice. They turned out nice and I am super happy about the modern print I chose which was designed by Sarah Golden for Andover. It is a cotton and linen blend which is my favorite choice for napkins and is currently available at the shop. With the holidays coming up, what better time to spruce up your own napkin assortment or whip up some easy, useful gifts. There's a myriad ways to make or finish a napkin; check out these great past blog posts for some examples and inspiration:

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