New Online - Folkwear Patterns!

by Cameron

Folkwear Patterns are a longstanding favorite here at the store. They're unique, classic, and well-written - so we're very pleased to now be offering a selection of Folkwear in the online store! We have some of our very favorites currently available and we'll be working on adding more of what we have in stock at the store in the coming weeks.

If you're not familiar with Folkwear, here are some previous blog posts as an introduction: Sarah's beautiful Tibetan Chupa, Adrianna's adorable Rosie the Riveter overalls, and an Old Mexico Blouse I made a couple of years ago. Each of these patterns comes from another time and place, but they're equally at home here on Alberta Street.

The best thing about Folkwear Patterns? In my opinion, the glamorous retro cover illustrations. I love the singing cowboys and the dancing ladies. Just like the garments themselves, these illustrations feel fresh and timeless.

Many of the patterns include options for both men and women or multiple garments, like a shirt, jacket, and pants, so they are a great value.

Have you used Folkwear Patterns? What did you think?