Fabric Depot's closing: How can we help?

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As many of you know, this past week we’ve had to say good bye to another incredible fabric store in Portland. After decades of service to sewists of all kinds, Fabric Depot has closed its doors. The hole left by their closing is huge, and I know there are many now feeling they are without a “fabric home.” While this may sound dramatic, I believe each store has a distinct feeling about it, and if we are lucky, we find one or ones that resonate with us. At the very least, we know the one that will have what we want for our projects.

Part of our preparation for our January relocation and expansion has been to ask our customers what they would most like to see at the new space. We’ve received quite a few suggestions and welcome more from all of you. With Fabric Depot’s closing, I am left with the feeling that we must work hard to try to meet at least some of the needs of their customers. This is where you all come in. If you are a customer of Fabric Depot, let us know what you will miss most and hope to be able to get in town. If you are a part of an organized group which worked with or relied on Fabric Depot in some way, let us know how we can help. In no way do I imagine we can provide all that Fabric Depot did, but if we are able to help cover some areas, hopefully we can help the textile world in Portland continue to thrive. Please feel free to pass our request on to friends.  

Our ears are open.