Teacher Spotlight: Chloé Derderian-Gilbert, Patchwork and Natural Dyes

Naturally dyed swatches from Chloé’s collection.

Naturally dyed swatches from Chloé’s collection.

We are so excited to be working with local designer and artist Chloé Derderian-Gilbert. Chloé is a multi-talented sewist who makes beautiful quilts and patchwork goods. Her favorite materials to work with are organic cotton and natural dyes. She is constantly challenging her ideas about sustainability of materials. We love that! We also think it’s so important to be ever mindful of our impact as makers. There are no perfect answers, but we can all strive to lessen our consumption and seek out ethically and ecologically sound materials.

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Chloé has 2 classes with us coming up this summer. The first is the Patchwork Pillow Class. This fun, weekend long workshop will be the perfect chance for students to explore patchwork design, considering elements of composition, color and contrast. Using either a design of their own, or our templates, students will learn the basics of patchwork. The weekend will be spent planning, cutting, ironing and sewing and students will leave with a handmade patchwork pillow of their own creation! Space is limited to allow for individual instruction, so sign up now!


Coming up in July, Chloé’s second class is the Patchwork Stuffy Class. How sweet and fun is that? Students will have the option to make a cat, bunny, or bear, based on their own designs or following one of Chloé’s templates. This class is an excellent stash-buster! Students are welcome to bring their own special fabrics if they’d like, and they will learn to trace the template, machine sew their stuffy, and add character with hand-stitched details. Leave class with a special, handmade stuffy for you or your favorite small person. Sign up now! Chloé’s classes are popular, and they are bound to sell fast.