Me Made May 2019

Julie in one of her first ever makes!

Julie in one of her first ever makes!

Are you making a pledge for Me Made May this year?

We here at Bolt decided we would love to share with you each of our Me Made May pledges. We will be posting about our pledges on Instagram throughout the month, so make sure you follow along over there! And share with us what you are pledging for Me Made May this year.

Me Made May is a month long challenge for sewists to set a pledge for themselves with the goal of improving their relationship with their handmade wardrobe. Much of what we see about Me Made May happens over on Instagram, but it is not just a photo challenge. It’s a chance for all of us to put some thought and intention towards our relationship with our wardrobe. So, maybe you are a beginning sewist who wants to increase the number of me-made items in your wardrobe. Or perhaps you have a mostly me-made wardrobe, but some items are neglected at the back of your closet. Or maybe you’ve fallen out of practice and want to start making more of your wardrobe again. There is room in this challenge for everyone! My personal goal is to finish up the ever-growing pile of makes that I have started and only make apparel items from my stash, instead of buying new fabric.

We get excited about any chance to put some thought into our wardrobe, and to be conscientious and mindful of our consumption. Chat with us about your Me Made May pledge the next time you’re in the shop!