Opposite Ends

By Sarah


I feel mad accomplished with the finishing of my Carolyn PJs. They've been on my mind since last fall but I didn't actually start working on them until this March, the beginning of spring and presumably, warmer weather. It was challenging working with wintery flannel fabric because my mind was preoccupied with all the new summer pieces I want to sew before its arrival.  But, I persevered and am super excited about having my first ever, matching set of pajamas. I love the cut/fit of this pattern but might go up a size in the future since they are a more close fitting design. I really want to make a short version in a cotton lawn for the summer months but probably won't start those till the fall. Haha.


In a perfect world, I'd be making spring and summer clothes in the cold months and fall and winter clothes in the warmer ones but, who wants to even look at wool or fleece in the dead of summer, much less touch the stuff. It's all good though because clothes don't really take THAT long to make, compared to knitting a sweater, anyway. If one wants a garment THAT bad then he or she will make it happen. That is my plan for this summer. To make it happen. My 'to-sew-list' is long and I have real hopes of starting and finishing all of them so, wish me luck. All this is to say I have been a real bad sewist all these years, working in multiple fabric stores and collecting fabric much faster than is possible to actualize them into wearable garments, in a timely fashion. I feel as though I've had intensions for every piece of fabric I've purchased but each passing year bears little fruit. In other words I need to get off my arse. Sorry for the tangent and to make it up to you here are some pictures of my latest make, a cheery modified Linden by Grainline. I used terry knit for the sleeves and a lovely Nani Iro double gauze for the front and back because I'm getting ready for summer!