Bravery Charity Fabric- Kara-Line and Egg Press

Bravery Charity Fabric- Kara-Line and Egg Press


In May our community lost a powerful force. Kara Larson, owner and designer behind Tumbleweed Boutique, was strong in her convictions, showed compassion for all those around her and was a model of generosity. Last year she partnered with Egg Press in creating this special fabric and the resulting scarves that many of you may have. The proceeds from the sale of the scarves were donated to Providence Cancer Center's Integrative Medicine Program.  The torch has been passed to us to continue to share the fabric and raise funds. The pieces measure 14" by 56" and is being sold for $25, with ALL proceeds being donated. The fabric just needs to be finished on the edges in whatever fashion you like.

****Disregard the message of fabric being sold by the half yard for this item.

14" x 56", 100% organic cotton, hand printed in Portland, Ore.

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