Explore, Imagine, Create

Come in and explore.

Bolt Fabric Boutique was founded in 2005 to serve our community with high quality, unique fabric and complimentary items that inspire creativity, regardless of your skill level. Since then, the shop has grown to serve both Portland locals and become a popular destination for tourists. We strive to ensure that Bolt is a truly unique experience—when you walk in the door, you will discover fabrics and other delights that you haven’t seen anywhere else.

Beyond our front door, you’ll find northeast Portland’s dynamic Alberta Arts District, where local restaurants, shops and cafes beckon as you stroll down Alberta Street. This vibrant neighborhood is a hub for Portland’s artistic and “DIY” communities, and is a destination for anyone looking for the unique and unusual, with a special focus on locally-made, sustainable items.

Touch the fabric, play with the notions, ask questions and unleash your creativity.


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2136 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211