Tulip Needles & Pins

Tulip Needles & Pins


These beautiful needles and pins are a pleasure to use! Known for their sharp tips and flexibility, you'll find yourself reach for these tools over and over again. With their beautiful packaging and high quality, they make for lovely gifts.

Easy Threading Needles - all purpose hand sewing needle with "pull thru threading" eye//contains 6 needles

Tapestry Needles - features a round tip and large eye for use in cross stitch//contains 6 needles

Embroidery Needles - features a sharp tip and large eye for use in embroidery//contains 2 each sizes 7-10

Sewing Needles - all purpose hand sewing needle with a large eye and trademark Tulip sharp tip for easily piercing fabric//contains 8 size 8 needles

Patchwork Pins - colorful glass head with 35mm shaft ideal for detailed work//contains 60 pins

Applique Pins - short, thin pins with colorful glass heads are idea for applique//contains 60 pins

Some inventory is currently on our shelves in the store. If the items you have ordered are unavailable when we receive your order, you may receive a refund or replacement. Please note your preference when checking out.

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