Gifts for the hand stitcher.

This post from Shelly is a great gift idea either way. Give a small embroidered something, or the book and supplies to make it. These Sublime Stitching patterns are fresh and fun and create a different feeling than the old Aunt Martha's transfers that we have seen for so many years. 

 I ran into Bolt last week in
search of a last minute gift idea and of course to feed my never ending fabric
addiction.  Five minutes into my
search I found
Sublime Stitching well known for embroidery patterns “that ain’t your
Gramma’s Embroidery”.  This great
little book has 72 different patterns you’ll find everything from sweet
hummingbirds to masked men.  I
haven’t been the biggest fan of embroidery until I thumbed through this
goodie.  I grabbed some wonderful
Moda toweling went home and dug out my stash of hand stitching goodies. 

 All you need to start this
quick and fun gift is an embroidery needle, embroidery thread & a
hoop.  The clear directions in the
beginning of the book take about 5 minutes to read and the iron on transfer
pattern takes even less time.  
You can iron these patterns onto just about anything, T-Shirts, toweling
or even boxer shorts.  Be as creative
as you like.  I also love the fact
that you can get many uses out of one sheet. 

 Embroidery is a great little
project because you can do it anywhere! 
I tucked my project into my carry all bag and stitched while riding the
Max, I stitched while in the waiting room of my dentist and I stitched at night
when I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about all the Christmas gifts I
should have finished in June.  If you
are in Bolt grab this goodie and have fun.  


Don’t forget to upload your creativity onto the flickr site. We love seeing your finsihed projects.