My Favorite Foot. It will be yours too.

by Lupine.

Lupine's edge stitching good  

Edge stitching foot

For my sewing machine of course.  As for the ones I walk on, I would never choose one over the other.  Can you imagine the problems that would cause?  But when it comes to sewing, there is one that is amazingly useful and you may all ready have it. My foot of choice, the one I could not live without, is the edge stitching foot.  For me it is foot #10.  I am a Bernina owner, and this is not one of the feet that came standard with my machine.  But some genius sewing lady talked me into buying it years and years ago, and I thank her for that every time I sew.  I have found this same edge stitching foot in the little bag of feet that many of my students bring to class and they never even knew it was there or what it could do.


Side view. Note the metal guide in the middle of the foot.

It has a little metal guide that runs through the center of the foot as you sew along the edge of the fabric.  By simply adjusting my needle position, either to the left or right,  and using this little guide against the edge of the fabric, I get perfect topstitching and edge stitching ever time!  It is lovely and peaceful and even, dare I say it, FUN to topstitch a project.  I look forward to putting the finishing touches on my garments, and with out this I would be totally nervous and frustrated.


Foot in action. Needle position far left, guide against fabric edge.

This foot is looks a bit different for everyone, but it is readily available for most models.  If you haven't yet explored the world of feet for your machine, it is time.  You will not be sorry.  They can take the process of sewing to a whole new level, like you magically got 10 times better and all you did was change out your silly foot.  No joke.  There are lots of great local dealers out there like A Common Thread, who deals in Bernina's and Janome's.  Janome feet fit most clip on style footed machines.  Also try Montavilla.  If all else fails, try the internet.  But the thing you get at these other places that you don't on line is a little help if you need it.  I love this part of buying from local shops, because I usually need the help. Take a look, you may have this one all ready.  Try it and enjoy your new happy top stitching experience.