Ahhh, quilts

by Gina.

Lupin's quilt take 2 010   

I've thought a bit about quilts over the last (almost) four years of having the store.  I have often stood in awe of the beauty before me when gazing upon someone's goregous, pieced creation.  And, a bit of terror runs through me at the same time.  Terror at the thought of lining up all those corners or points so neatly.  The thought of cutting out so (the o drawn out for dramatic effect) many pieces.  I suppose I had somewhat resigned myself to the idea of living a life of enjoying other people's work and not doing it myself.  I'm pleased to say, those feelings of terror are fading this summer. 

I had pieced together a couple of quilt tops a while back and never finished them.  It was my first attempt and they are nothing fancy, really.  Simply strips of varying widths, some broken up with a little chunk of lightweight denim.  So, for the first of two baby showers in a month, I jumped in and decided I was going to finish those darn things and give them away. 

I'm in love.  I want to make one every day now.  Maybe not everyday.  But I think of it often and can't wait to have more time to finish up the second one.  I machine quilted both of them with the walking foot we sell at the store. It is a really fun tool.  I know we've been talking a bit about our favorite feet (a previous post).  This may be my first favorite.  You can move your quilt around in any direction with it.  It's quite liberating.  So, for qiult number 2 I just need to stitch the binding on and it's complete!  I've been wondering all day, "would it be weird for me to be hand sewing a quilt binding while having some friends over for a bbq tonight?"  Yep, I want to see it finished. 

This all brings me to the fact that we just opened a box with the lovely book, Matierial Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots.  It's inspirational.  I think my next project will involve lots of little pieces and some hand quilting.  I will try my hardest with all those corners, but I'm no longer scared to jump in.  I just need to decide who will be the recipient.  I can't wait!