An Apparel Sewer's Wishlist


Bolt is closed today, but in honor of the folks getting busy down at Modern Domestic, I give you my MD Wishlist.  I am a proficient sewer with a pretty good inventory of tools.  But-- and that's a big BUT-- more and more, I realize that sometimes its the tools that bump my sewing up to the next level.  The folks at MD have a carefully curated collection of the very best tools and notions for sewers of all skill levels.   Do you know how happy you could make your textile inclined mother/sister/friend with a pair of Ghinger sheers or Mundial specialty scissors?  I do. 

Oliso Smart Irons

Oliso Smart Iron

Come to mama.  I have a very average iron that works quite well (considering that it has been dropped more than once), but these are a thing of beauty.  MD carries three models, all of which can be stored upright or face down (even when they're on!) on your pressing surface. 

Pressing Tools

pressing ham

While bunching up a towel and jamming it into the sleeve of a shirt works in a pinch, I'd much rather own a pressing ham or sleeve board to have at the ready. 

Mundial Pinking Sheers

I inherited a decent pair of pinking sheers from my grandma.  Unfortunately, they are more sentimental than fully functional these days.  In fact, aside from some knife edge sheers and rotary cutters, my collection of cutting tools is woefully lacking. 

A girl can dream, A New Machine

Aurora 430

As you know, MD carries a nice selection of Janome and Bernina machines-- I have my eye on the Bernina Aurora 430.  Next year, maybe?  I mean COME ON.  Look at that thing. 

From now until next Sunday, December 4th all of the Bernina and Janome machines, as well as Babylock sergers, are on sale at MD.  And if you're looking to upgrade your machine with new accessories (including feet), they are all 20% off!