Gifts to Make: Low Commitment Scarves

We have detailed scarf making for giving and keeping in the past, but I thought it would be good if we got them all in the same place.  There are no-sew, barely-sew, and a all-sew options-- something for everybody!

Spring Scarves

Our post on no-sew spring scarves could just as easily apply to wintertime.  Just sub in some beautifully soft wool jersey or heavier wool suiting off the rolls.  Plus, we have dedicated an entire shelf to Kaffe Fasset shot cottons at the moment.  They are silky soft once they're washed up, and the edges fray a little to reveal the different coloured threads in the warp and the weft.

running stitch down the seams

I have been wearing my wool jersey loop scarf around the house as a shawl.  I just criss-cross the front and anchor it in place with a pin.  It certainly takes the chill off in my 90 year-old house. 

Hooded Scarf

The Hooded Scarf pattern is flying off the shelves at the moment-- and with good reason!  It's cute, totally customizable and works for both adults and children. 

I'm not sure we've ever posted about patchwork scarves before, but they are a thoughtful way to give the gift of warmth.  Denyse Schmidt has a sweet pattern combining wool, silks and cotton, in her self titled book Denyse Schmidt Quilts; there is the ever popular Amy Butler free Cozy Scarf pattern; and Malka Dubrawsky has a very clever diamond shaped patchwork scarf in her new book, Fresh Quilting.  Don't forget about the VELVETEENThis tutorial from Anna Maria is the perfect excuse to pick up both some voile and some buttery soft velveteen.