Have You Evaluated Your Cutting Tools Lately?

I have.  This Saturday all cutting tools at Bolt are 25% off.  I'm calling it good timing because I've had my eye on these Gingher Featherweight Sheers:

I have a pair of classic knife edge Ginghers that I love, but they are lonely and sometimes I don't need something as heavy.  Bolt carries Olfa mats (24"by18" and 24"by36"), Olfa replacement blades and rotary cutters (both 28mm and 45mm), pinking sheers, thread snips, Omnigrid rulers, all manor of Fiskars... I'm going to have a good day on Saturday.  I don't own a pair of thread snips which is a situation I'm also hoping to remedy. 

Saturday is also Organization of the Month day, so 10% of all our days sales are going to The Community Warehouse.  (Did you know they also have a blog and a sweet storefront?)  See you on Saturday.  I will be carrying sharp things, so watch your step.  

Here's a few more words about Community Warehouse about what they do:

I'm often at the Community Warehouse on Mondays, when evidence of a "good"
weekend (lots of donation drop-offs) fills the space. A wall of mattresses,
dressers stacked two high, and sofas perched on end means that some of the
clients coming in that week have the luxury of choice, which isn't always
the case.


When the Warehouse is well stocked, we might serve 200 people in one week,
providing them with basic household furnishings. But no matter how many
people we see, there's always a waiting list, a reminder of how much need is
out there, and how much more there is for us to do.
Can you imagine what it must feel like to be a single mom with three kids,
trying to make ends meet with a minimum wage job? Or what daily life is like
living with a disability with no family to help you? For many of our
clients, getting into stable housing is a big step forward, but how
comforting is a place to live if you don't have a bed, or a lamp, or a chair
to sit on?

While giving someone a kitchen table and a set of dishes may not sound like
much, to the hundreds of people who walk through our warehouse each month,
it's a start toward making a home, and just maybe, a nudge toward a more
hopeful future.