Weekend Project: bulk bags

by Gina

I’ve had this project on my to do list for quite some time.  It’s an easy one and I waited until my sewing machine was getting serviced to tackle it, since I knew I could whip them up super fast with my serger.  (They wouldn’t take much longer with my regular machine.)  It was also a good reintroduction project for me and my serger.  I haven’t used it in quite a while and am itching to, so I jumped back in last night.  Oh, and what are they?  They’re bulk grain bags for grocery shopping.  Simple as that.

So, all I did was take some muslin, cut it into rectangles I thought seemed like a good size and serged up the sides.  I used whatever thread I grabbed first and that I didn’t mind using up for this project.  I had been wanting to use the rubber stamps and fabric ink I used here, so my four year old helped me spell out some words.

I had intended to include a piece of twill tape in the side seams to be able to tie them up once filled, but forgot.  I’ll attach that later, simple enough.  If I make more, I won’t forget!  A quick ironing to set the ink and we’re good to go!  I’m thrilled with my under-an-hour project.  What are you making this weekend?

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