Just in: Japanese imports, more knits and books

by Gina, photos by Heather

These great Japanese imports arrived this past week.  The bunny print is a double gauze, and as you can see can be reversible.  Making for some fun, innovative design possibilities!

Cute, sewing machine novelty print and “blenders” from Timeless Treasures…and a book to go with it:

Written by Nicole Vasbinder, one of the founders of Stitch Lab—one of the first modern, drop in sewing studios, located in San Francisco.  She now owns and operates Stitch Craft and Queen Puff Puff.

Cozy, soft organic cotton blend knits in great colors.  The stripe is called “San Francisco Fog.”  How lovely.  There’s also a deep, marine blue hemp blend fleece that is one of my favorite knits at the moment.

As I mentioned in my last post, we have a wide selection of books. Here are two of our newer titles.  The Sewing for Kids includes this adorable cat:And, the new Best of Stitch magazine Bags book includes these little pretties:

Don’t forget about Mom!  Check out more ideas here and here and here!

And, stay tuned for activities and whatnot around Quilt Market!