Just In: Waterfront Park! Lush Uptown, Russian Tradition...

by Gina, photos by Heather

I’ve been excitedly waiting for Portlander Violet Craft’s latest group “Waterfront Park” to arrive since seeing it at Quilt Market back in May.  July just couldn’t come soon enough for me. A true tribute to Portland, with elegant cherry trees in bloom, our fine collection of bridges, and even our beloved Vaux swifts.  Well done, Violet!

We’re starting to see a trend among some of the quilting cotton companies of reprinting popular lines from a little while back, say 5-8 years ago.  My guess is that this is happening because so many more people have found the love of sewing and these were and still are great prints, so let’s make sure all the folks new to the colorful world of sewing see these beauties.  And so, Moda has returned its “Lush Uptown” line, slightly updated, but mostly the way we loved it the first go around.  Yep, it’s paint-by-numbers.  There are a few other designs as well—a faux bois and a printed ikat design.

I think a couple of my favorite pieces in this week’s arrivals are the simple and lovely double gauze solids we received: soft in color and texture, gorgeous.

Colorful, retro-mod prints from Patty Young’s “Just My Type” for Michael Miller.

And, a handful of timeless “Russian Tradition” prints from Moda.

Hope to see you soon!