Chalk cloth: fun for all!

Chalk cloth functions just like a chalkboard. It is much lighter than an actual chalkboard and has potential to be used in all sorts of ways.

 A chalk cloth table cover can turn a dinner into a creative evening. Spice up your next dinner party with some messages on the the table as shown here in The Oregonian.

 This time of year the kids may be craving a new activity for indoors. A few yards of chalk cloth can provide hours of entertainment. What a great kid gift…a piece of chalk cloth and a bucket of chalk! Simply lay the cloth right on the floor and let the kids draw, spell, and play games. 

 I recently made this bunting out of chalk cloth and bias tape. I plan on using this as an any occasion banner for the coming year.


This is a fast and fun project that should get a ton of usage. 

Some tips on making your own chalk cloth bunting.

Math is important in determining length of your bunting. Take a minute and decide what is the longest phrase you might want to write.

The bunting shown above measures ten feet long. Each triangle shape is four inches across at the top.

First make a template with cardboard. Next trace out your shapes and cut them out.




Give yourself a bit of slack on each side to make sure you have enough to tie or tack up your banner. 

An important note: chalk cloth requires a “seasoning” before it gets used. We provide a set of directions for this step with your purchase of chalk cloth. 

Happy crafting!

By April