Winter Break Fun

by Adrianna


Are you, your kids, or kids you know on a winter break? Looking for something fun and relaxing to do for the last week of vacation? Bolt has you covered. I have two younger brothers who get 2 whole weeks off (lucky them!) and if you are in the same boat, I’m sure by now you are feeling just about as antsy as they are. We have some great books and craft packs that folks of all ages can enjoy, and enjoy together. As the lovely North West rain has us brainstorming things to do indoors, come by and swoop up some of these project ideas we have thought for you all.

The above picture is a snapshot of trim jars that we have creatively pieced together. There are an array of trims, ric-rac, ball fringe, and ribbon that you can use for all kinds of projects.



You can’t go wrong with felt projects, so we put together these snazzy bundles of poly/acrylic felt in assorted colors. 10 pieces for just $3!!



As the new year rolls in, try a new technique! Dyeing fabric is tons of fun, and we have the supplies and great books to guide you through the process. This book is a great reference for dyeing, and could be a fun day project. You can dye clothing you already have, or pick up some of our prepared for dyeing fabrics and experiment yourself!


This book by Kristen Sutcliffe has great simple, fast, and enjoyable projects to do with friends and family.



These felt kits have been the talk of the town lately, and although we have mentioned these several times in previous posts, I just can’t help but bring them up again. These kits are so fun, and adorable! These are great to do with youngsters and can decorate a whole wall with all the cute animals in the collection.


See you soon and hope everyone is having a great holiday time!