Sewline Products

by Adrianna

Along with introducing new display and store fixtures to Bolt, we have been bringing in new tools! I am more than excited to present to you the batch of Sewline Markers and Glue pens we discovered, and deemed worthy enough to sell at the store. With all the new sewing equipment and gadgets that come about every year, we take great care in testing and examining products that are suggested to us. The Sewline set really caught our attention, and hopefully now yours!

Currently, we are phasing out some tools that haven’t been consistent or a favorite (which are now 50% off!) to be replaced with superior ones. A few of the things we are swapping out are our marking tools. After listening to your feedback and suggestions, we found that the Sewline Markers and Glue pens are something you will all enjoy.

In the set comes several varieties of marking tools. There are two versions of the Duo Marker and Eraser, one with a regular marker felt tip, one with a fine point tip. These markers are great, in that the Eraser completely gets rid of the marker line. I have tried these markers on various fabrics, including a bridal gown, and yes, the marker actually comes out! I have found these tools especially handy when I am tailoring, as the markers allow you to create a clear, straight, and bold line that can be erased completely. Compared to some chalk, pencils, and markers I have used in the past, these definitely work better.

Other marking tools by Sewline are the black and white, fine point pencils. I love these, possibly even more so than the markers. Like the markers, these pencils come with an eraser that knows how to do its job. The pencils provide a finer line than the markers, and are great for creating a detailed mark on fabric. These can be used across the board in the sewing world, for embroidering, quilting, apparel, etc.

Last but not least, there is the Glue Pen. This guy is especially handy. The glue pen is like a glue stick, but more shaped along the lines of a pen. You can use this tool to help “baste” a hem, or seam, or applique, or zipper, or whatever you need to be held in place temporarily.

Here is an example of how I used these tools:

When repairing a pair of ripped jeans, I used the duo marker set and glue pen.

The marker to create a patch…

The glue pen to hold the patch in place while sewing…

The eraser to get rid of the line! The eraser eliminates the lines using a water substance, so your fabric will be a little damp, but once dried the line will no longer be there!

Here is an example of the white pencil, it creates a thin, fine line, about the width of a sew line (har har). This pencil is great for marking details on fabric :)

So come on in and give these new toys a try! And snag up the sweet deals on the merchandise we are phasing out, such as select rotary cutters, markers, chalks, and more! Don’t worry, there isn’t anything wrong with these products, we just need to make room for all the new products we are bringing in.

See you soon and happy sewing!