getting cozy

-by Amy    When the weather is cold and rainy here, I long to snuggle up with a good book and wait for spring. Recently I was given a Kindle e-book reader as a gift, and I wasn’t sure if I would like the technological intrusion on my “cozy time.” I tend to be pretty casual with my analog books, tossing them into my bag and taking them everywhere with me, a holdover from childhood when I couldn’t be separated from whatever I happened to be reading. This little felt cozy protects my new device from bumps and scratches, and puts a little warmth back into my reading experience.

A little measuring,

…a little sewing,

 …a little cutting.

        I love working with our wool/rayon blend felt. It’s great for quick crafts and gifts. The colors are so rich, and it is remarkably durable. I made the green iPad cozy about two years ago, and it is only now starting to wear at the corners. For the Kindle cozy I used two layers of felt, and I expect it will be nearly indestructable. What else can I wrap up in felt?