Just In: Japanese shipment has arrived! Valentine's news.

by Gina

This week we welcomed a great shipment of goodies from Japan. These include double gauze and brushed double gauze, cotton linen blends, cotton twill and cotton crepe. Oooo-weee. We’ve been a bit giddy with this arrival. Most of these great beauties are by Nani Iro, Echino and Ellen Luckett Baker. Enjoy!

And, who doesn’t love a good metallic cat?

And from those witty folks at Alexander Henry:

Other news to share this week—Hidden Hearts from Supportland! In honor of Valentine’s Day, you will receive a “hidden heart” on your Supportland account with each purchase between Thursday and Saturday. Then, on Sunday for 24 magic hours, those hearts become 20 merits each (merits used to be “points”) so you can shop to your hearts’ content with your extra points. They will disappear after Sunday.

We’ll be offering a new merit incentive starting today, and running for a month. If you all like it, we’ll keep it going. For 50 merits from you, you’ll receive 20% off your purchase from us! And remember, with those hidden hearts you’ll be earning, you’ll have 50 merits in no time. Check out the Supportland site here.

See you soon!