Simple Summer Tie Quilt

by Adrianna


I moved to Portland exactly two years ago from San Francisco, where the climate is predominantly 50-60 degrees all year. Upon moving here in June, I was very unprepared for the wonderful summer weather of 80+ degrees, and just had my trusty down blankets, some sheets, and an equally smoldering wardrobe. Adjusting to a new city and new jobs, finding new bedding was not a priority and sooner than later the weather changed, so I continued putting it off until a few months ago. Shopping for bedding can be overwhelming, and unfortunately discouraging, as it can get pricey for low quality materials and gosh aweful textile designs - so, I decided to give quilting another try. Quilts are not my forte, and after making my first quilt, the Clarity quilt last year, I had to take a break from it for a while. That was a little much for me, even though it is a very simple pattern, so I decided I needed to step it down to the simplest steps. For my new summer quilt, I decided to make a simple whole cloth, tie quilt, with no batting- easy peasy. Well, this did (I regret to say) take me several months to complete (ha!) as for some reason working with quilts is baffling, but I am very satisfied with how it turned out and it has proven its value so far!


For this quilt I used our amazing Waterford Linen in Natural color for one side, and our favorite speckled cotton chambray, both staples from Robert Kaufman. To tie it all together, I used sashiko floss, and made ties every 4 inches, with ties showing through on opposite sides every 8 inches. To bind it I used a Liberty of London print, that we unfortunately are out of, besides a few fat 1/8ths (it took me that long to finish this -__-). All these fabric combos are great for the upcoming hot months. We also recently restocked our 108” wide quilt backing fabrics in several colors and especially white, which I also used to make some new sheets and pillow cases.

Stop on in and let us help you pick out fabrics for your summer quilts!

Happy sewing!