washi dress

By Cameron

Finally, after months of seeing lovely Washi dresses parade through the store and hearing rave review from customers ("it fits everyone", "you can make it up in a day", "I've sewn five of these!"), I decided to give it a try. My expectations were high and I was desperate for some easy to wear dresses, and the Washi did not disappoint.

Made by Rae has put together both a great garment and a fun sewing experience. It's simple to put together, and even simpler to fit thanks to elastic shirring in the back. The finishing details keep the dress looking sharp without adding extra fuss. The original pattern comes with a couple sleeve and collar options, but you can also pick up an expansion pack here, to give yourself even more options. I'll admit that I've wondered more than once if a closet full of Washi dresses wouldn't serve me just as well as the hodgepodge of options I have now...

What really sold me on the Washi is how versatile it is. You can use anything from a voile to quilting weight cotton. I've been dreaming of one in a heavier weight natural linen. I'm sometimes hesitant to sew with prints, but the Washi dress is a great vehicle for prints. The louder the better! An African wax print or one of our hand dyed block prints would be perfect.

Have you made a Washi? Or do you have another go to sewing pattern?