Events: Sale and Classes

The annual Alberta Street Sidewalk Sale is right around the corner. On Saturday, September 10th you'll be able to stroll up and down Alberta Street and peruse the various deals a whole slew of shops will be making available, including us! Out front you'll find some stellar deals on fabric, notions and books. Swing by and take a look. And, an added perk--if you don't find anything out front, you can stroll right into the store and shop to your hearts' content. : )

 Other happenings we'd like to share are a series of courses being offered through Klum House this fall. These are "Creative Business Workshops," 1-2 day courses with a range of professionals. Even wondered what it would take to move your making into a business? Well, "The Big Picture" workshop will walk you through it. Check out the schedule here. It is an impressive combination of courses and instructors!