Fashion Revolution Week

As makers we are in an interesting position to contemplate what we put on our backs. We have a more thorough understanding of what is involved in making our clothing and accessories. And I believe we have a responsibility to consider the process behind our consumption.

We have been incorporating the ideas of the slow fashion movement more and more around the store over the past couple of years. This has been done through promoting pattern designers, book authors and fabric manufacturers who embody these tenets. It also is done through our existence and aim to encourage all of you to make your clothing. Not only is it fun to "play designer" and make something just the way you want it, but we understand the further effects this action has toward our psychological well-being.

Slow fashion and the Fashion Revolution is not only about making your own clothing, but alsolearning about the process of clothing construction, the people involved, their work environment, the transportation of raw goods to finished garments, the waste created in the process, and what happens with all those unsold shirts that were in style last month.

We want to encourage all of us to look deeper, think more critically about our consumption practices and educate ourselves more about fashion and clothing. This doesn't have to be an all consuming endeavor. It could mean committing to making or wearing a garment made by someone you know once per week or month. It could mean learning how to mend your clothes to keep them going longer. It could mean educating yourself about the fashion production process and life cycle of clothing. It could mean choosing to buy less new and more handmade or used clothing.

This is not an exercise in judgement but in education, exploration and creation. We look forward to sharing this process with you. We want to help you find your entrance point into slow fashion to a more considered, mindful relationship with your closet, whether that's sewing a new button on an old shirt or making your wedding dress.

We walk a funny line, being both a retail store reliant upon your support through purchase of items we sell, and having goals of reduced and more thoughtful consumption. So, while it may sound contradictory to our survival, we have to hold true to our values and we appreciate the continued support you all provide us.