Introducing Closet Case Patterns

by Cameron

You may have seen in one of our recent Just In posts that we're now stocking Closet Case Patterns. We think their classic, thoughtful designs of true wardrobe basics are a great addition to our pattern selection. These are the patterns to add to your library if you want to work towards making the bulk of your wardrobe.

Heather's - Closet Case Files owner and designer - instructions are clear, detailed, and encouraging. I appreciate her just-do-it attitude and her gentle but firm tone. I'm really looking forward to tackling my first pair of jeans with her help.

Right now, we have the Nettie Bodysuit and Dress, the Carolyn Pajamas (perfect for lounging on these hot summer days we've been getting a sampling of lately), the Morgan Boyfriend Jeans, and Ginger Skinny Jeans. We can't wait to see what you make with these new patterns!