Organic Cotton Pillow Cases

by Cameron

What better way to start a new year than with some new organic pillow cases? We have some really lovely organic solids that are the perfect weight and feel for pillowcases. I followed Heather's excellent tutorial from a few years back and substituted a simple trim for a contrasting hem. There are instructions and photos below if you'd like to do something similar.

In addition to cutting fabric for the case and the hem following Heather's directions, also cut out strips that are 1" x 44" for each pillow. Fold and press in half so that the strip is 1/2" wide. I used a long piece of some Robert Kaufman stripes I had in my scrap bin. An 1/8 of a yard will give you enough trim for four pillow case.

As you layer your pieces, you'll place the trim on the hem piece, raw edges aligned, and then place the larger case piece on top. Follow Heather's steps to roll everything up into a burrito for stitching. I used plenty of pins and stitched slowly to make sure I wasn't missing any of my layers.

You've finished the trickiest bit now. Refer to Heather's post for finishing.

The solids come in a bright slew of colors, and we have organic prints that would make sweet pillow cases. I picked out my favorites below. Of course, we're always happy to help you find your favorites next time you're in the store.