Sewing with Scraps - Easy Draft Dodger

by Cameron

I've been working hard to find ways to use the copious scraps my sewing is generating. The bags and bags I've been filling with little bits of this shirt and that quilt have taken over my sewing area, and I still have a hard time throwing them away. Someone suggested making draft dodgers, which is the perfect project for using up scraps because you can piece the outside using larger scraps and stuff smaller scraps inside.

You'll start by measuring your doorway. I made my draft dodger a little longer than the doorway for a tight fit, and added several inches on either side to turn inside and hem. I cut my fabric pieces to be 7" wide, but in the future I'll make them much wider - maybe 10"-12" - to make a more substantial dodger that's easier to stuff with scraps.

Sew your long side together and then turn under one of the short sides of the tube and top stitch closed.

Now you just stuff that sucker as full as you can with scraps. I packed it as tight as I could until the stuffed portion of the tube fit tightly into my door frame. Pack it down a little bit further and top stitch the other end closed.

You're done! Stop up those drafty door ways and leaky windows.

Do you have tips for using up scraps?