Slow Fashion: Mending Resources

by Cameron

It's been so exciting to see mending becoming a more and more common practice both in the online ether and in real life at Bolt. After all, the single most important thing we can do for the environment is to consume less. The longer we can make that favorite pair of jeans or that perfect tee last, the fewer clothes we buy in the long haul. As a bonus, we get to wear those treasured pieces that fit just right that you could never, ever replace for longer and to make them more personal and potentially more beautiful with each fix.

We've just gotten in a couple of books full of information and mending inspiration. Fix Your Clothes, by Raleigh Briggs, is a short and sweet zine that's a perfect primer for someone who doesn't sew regularly and just needs the basics. It would be a great book to send to a recent graduate or that friend who's always asking you if you could just hem their pants or fix a zipper real fast.

Mend It Better, by Kristin M. Roach, is a more comprehensive look at mending. There are lots of photos and projects to inspire you to tackle that mending pile in a creative way. All the basics are thoroughly covered and then some, like guidance on turning a prom dress into a dress-up dress for a little one.

We have everything you need to get started on some repair work - fabric dye and paint to cover up stains, patches to shore up holes, darning needles, wash-away wonder tape, Heat-n-Bond Ultra to make your own fusible patches - and we love to help you figure out ways to extend the life of your textiles!