How to Use Bees Wax

by Sarah 

If you are one of those sewists who detests sewing by hand, chances are you haven't tried bees wax. Coating your thread in 100%, straight up bees wax, will prevent it from twisting and getting all tangled up while you sew. I don't know about you, but I get so frustrated when a stubborn knot forms and I have to cut the thread and start all over. When I remember to use bees wax, this does not happen, ever. 

Check out our great wall of notions next time you are in and look for this little disk of wax encased in a clear plastic holder.  The case has slots so as to keep thread in place while you pull it through.  If you happen to have a bees wax candle or a chunk of it hanging around, you can certainly use that as well.

Here is how I was taught to use it. Pull off some thread no longer than a yard (shorter lengths of thread also prevents tangling) and then run it through the wax several times to coat. 

Then grab a piece of paper and lay your coated thread on one half. 

Now fold the paper overtop of the thread.

And then give it a press with your iron. This step seals the wax and makes it more stiff so it is easier to work with. 

Cool, huh!? It takes half a minute to prepare and will save you time and frustration in the end. Who doesn't want that kinda savings?!

Now you are ready to hand stitch with ease and hopefully, less profanity. This tried and true product, courtesy of the mighty honey bee, should be a staple in all of our sewing baskets! Pick some up next time you are in the shop and give it a whirl! You won't be disappointed! 

This isn't really related but I just wanted to show off some of my neat old needle books from my collection of vintage notions, for your viewing pleasure.