Sweatshirt Frenzy and Schedule Update

We've recently started a new approach with some of our store samples lately. A couple months back we made up a group of five different skirts from one book. This past month we made up a selection of sweatshirts from a handful of individual, independent patterns. This way you can compare and contrast and see which patterns are the right ones for you!

Let's show off what we've got, shall we? In the top photo are Tina Givens' Evelyn crop top and Sew House Seven's Toaster Sweater. The Evelyn top has unique lines, with a curved, overlapping front, long cuffs and swinging hemline. Sarah really used the fabric we chose for great affect, showing off the "wrong side" on the cuffs and around the edges.  You all have been loving the Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven. This pattern offers up two distinctly different styles. This version has the stand up collar, wide band at the bottom. Super cozy and nice for layering.

Above are the short-sleeve version of Grainline Studio's Linden Sweatshirt, and Blueprints for Sewing's Geodesic. Both the Geodesic and Toaster Sweater are sewn up in Birch Fabric's organic cotton fleece. We are definitely in the middle of a big ol' love affair with this fleece! If you're one of our fine customers from afar, you can peruse our patterns in our online store, here. We've also included some direct links for some of them via their pattern name.

Always feel free to try on our samples whenever you're in. If any modifications have been made, notes on the tag will let you know.