Big, big news!

As you know, we have managed to fit in a lot of goodies in a fairly small space over the past 12 plus years. We have been keeping our eyes open for a larger space for quite some time, and have finally found ourselves a future, new home! We are thrilled to announce we will be moving to a larger location, just a quick hop down the road, sometime late spring/ early summer. The new space is located on NE 42nd, a direct shot to or from the airport, for all of our friends from afar, and just about a mile away from our current location for all of our neighborhood friends.

Over the coming months we will be asking you to share with us what you'd like to see us incorporate in our new digs, and that can include product and activities. We are really, really excited about what we will be able to do with a bit more space and are so grateful for the continued support you all have shown us through the years. Let us know how to be your best fabric store!

Here's to an inspirational 2018, full of creativity, making, daydreaming, sharing and joy.