Lander Pants by True Bias

by Cameron

 If you've been wanting to tackle making pants, but you're intimidated by all the details and intense fitting that goes into making a pair of jeans or dress trousers, I'd like to recommend the Landers Pants from True Bias

I, too, was an inexperienced, timid pant-maker, but the Landers held my hand through the whole process. The instructions are really top notch. From telling you exactly when to finish each raw edge to expertly walking you through a button fly, this pattern has your back.

Unfortunately, the sample made in a straight size 12*  didn't fit any of my models/coworkers so our obliging but legless mannequin was the best I could do. You'll just have to believe me when I tell you that these are some seriously flattering pants. Or do a google image search for "Lander Pants". The outside leg seam has a 1" seam allowance to allow for easy fitting.

I used one of my favorite fabrics to line the front pockets.

We have so many great bottom weights in the store right now - corduroy, cotton-poly twill, denim. We'd love to help you tackle pant making!

*The size 12 waistband was too short to fit my pants, so I cut a 14 which worked perfectly. I'm not sure if there's any issue with the grading or if it was, ahem, user error. The finished measurements are those of a size 12.