Mimi Miriam Made Dolls

We love Mimi Miriam Made Dolls! Representation is so important for the small people in our lives, there are many children who don’t see people who look like them in popular culture, movies, and books. It can be hard to find dolls that aren’t white, blonde haired, blue eyed, or strictly fall into narrow gender representations.

With this versatile and customizable pattern you can choose the materials you want to match the skin-tone, hair type, clothing and facial features of your favorite small person. You can join us and Autumn, the designer behind this wonderful pattern, for a class to make your own Mimi Miriam Made Doll! The pattern is approachable, and you will master many skills, both with the machine and by hand. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful, handmade doll-friend!

You can sign up now for the class, which meets July 28th and August 4th from 12 pm - 3 pm.

All photos by Autumn Lapour.