Pocket #2 is the Winner.

by Lupine.

Pocket detail on

Well, I had to make the hard choice on my own.  I would have waited for more votes to be cast, but it was a rare opportunity to sew and I couldn't pass it up.  With two small children my sewing often comes in short little windows of time (naps), which as the girls get older are fewer and further between.  I had a nap inspired pocket extravaganza Friday morning and I could not be stopped.

I dug around through some books and found Sew U by Wendy Mullin was full of pocket styles.  It was an easy choice at that point.  I had chosen something styled a bit like pocket #2, but no hardware and not with an additional top pocket.  Sew U had just what I was looking for.  

Pocket in progress

In a lot of children's clothing patterns the pockets are lined.  Not sure why really, but I find it is an easy way to shape the curves nicely and to have the cute contrasting lining show just a tiny bit.  I liked the idea of some contrast, but bias binding seemed like too much and so did flat piping. In order to achieve just the weeist bit of lining to show I cut the lining about 1/16th of an inch bigger than the pocket.  After careful pressing, I could get the lining to stick out just beyond the pocket fairly evenly all the way around the bottom curve.

Pocket basted

Some before application topstitching at the opening and a quick baste to hold it steady, and then attach.  I did an extra row of stitching along the bottom pocket curve just for fun.  Then seaming, and hemming (a bit shorter this time), and done.

Skirt on

Another supper simple version of the uniform skirt.  I am finding it to be just as comfortable as the first.  And also, much like the first version, will be worn 4 of the next 6 days.  Just what I was looking for.