A whole new store

by Gina.

Last week I posted about a whole slew of new things that were on their way to us.  Today I returned to the store after being away for about a week—thank you Lupine and Melissa for the great posts—and was so excited to see all the new things!  I snapped a lot of photos to share, so many that I think it best if they arrive in two stages.  I hope they inspire (the fabrics, not my photography).

Cloud 9

First up, Cloud 9 Fabrics’ first line is here.   Printed on organic cotton cloth with environmentally sustainable dyes, it is in great colors—fresh and airy.  The designs are sweet, toadstools, clouds and flowers.  Perfect for any nursery.


Next we have Jay McCarroll’s latest line, Germania from Free Spirit Fabrics.  As whacky and odd as his first couple of lines, with rich, bold colors.  Cartoonish germs—who doesn’t want some of that in their stash?!

Girly girl 2

Girly Girl from Art Gallery is in the store now too.  Bold designs and colors—orange, pink, turquoise and yellow.  I imagine these will help keep up grinning through the upcoming grey skies.  Just think a bit of this as the lining for your fall / winter carry-all—every time you open it up you'll be pleasantly greeted with a bit of spring.


Oilcloth seems to move year-round.  It makes sense, after all, it’s not just for backyard tablecloths.  I ordered a selection of prints other than funky, bright fruits and flowers this time around.   There’s a gold and green tartan, black and brown lace on white and a bird-skull-floral lace print in purple and white.

Craft pad 1

In the non-fabric category, we also received a shipment with all sorts of goodies by Jenny Hart, embroidery maven.   These include her new book, Embroidered Effects, her previous book, and her Craft Pad—over 75 transfers in one little pad!  The new book has a lot of great ideas for embellishing on fabric with embroidery.  Just to punch things up a bit. 

I'll post the rest of the new things tomorrow.  Stay tuned, and if you can't wait come on by!