whole new store, part two

by Gina.

So, continuing from yesterday's post, here are the rest of the latest and greatest things that have just arrived at the store.

Luella doss 2

A few bright and graphic pieces from Luella Doss.  Great citrusy green tone on tone, a fun, colorful feathery print and some big dots.  Quite cheerful.

Lecien 3

These just arrived from Lecien--the leafy print is on a heavier weight cotton, great for floor pillows or heavier curtains.  Brilliant color!  The two below that are quirky and fun--the blue one has German text and both have fun little images. Sure to please.

Lecien 1

More from Lecien--more bold colors.  Many of the small prints at top are new too.  Perfect for smaller projects and sweet little accents.

Australian prints

OK, so these gorgeous Australian prints aren't as brand-spankin' new, but they looked so lovely I had to take a photo.  The colors are rich, the images are grounded--they are based on traditional Aboriginal designs.  They are a treat.

Everything tote 3

Lastly, I wanted to include a quick pic of the fantastic tote by Autumn.  This is the store sample, so come see how great it is for yourself!  She's teaching a class on this project this coming week.  See her post from Friday.

I hope you enjoy the little photographic description of all of our latest arrivals.  We have a couple of new wool pieces in too, but you'll have to stop by the store to see those--no pictures were snapped of those beauties.  Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!

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